• 16-18 June, 2023
  • Huddersfield

Common Ground Voluntary Arts Report

A report looking at grassroots art across the UK

Photography credit:
James Millar
Photography credit:
James Millar
Grassroots & Growing

Rewilding The Garden

We’re thrilled to have been featured in ‘Common Ground – Rewilding the Garden’, a report from Voluntary Arts investigating creative projects in deprived areas across the UK and Ireland.

The report showed that there’s a rich grassroots culture across the UK, often amateur and unfunded, but doing amazing things.

We aim to incorporate the Common Ground Pact and use the finding from this report in our future work, to help solidify ourselves in our local community, and wider communities in which we exist.

Common Ground Pact:

    • To open up more public spaces for creative cultural activity
    • To build strong connections and relationships to support participation in creative cultural activity
    • To demonstrate how taking part in creative cultural activity improves social connectedness